Premier began in 1995 with Toyota of New Orleans as its inaugural store, twenty years later we have grown into a dealer group with over 21 stores in four states nationwide!

Our mission at Premier is to help all consumers have an enjoyable experience acquiring and maintaining transportation so they will have an opportunity to experience what God has called them to do.

At Premier, our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We believe our people combined with the right attitude will result in the best automotive buying experience for you.

Premier Buys Cars FAQ

A: YES, to the extent that we will either beat your CarMax offer, or guarantee to mail you a $100 check for the opportunity. Please read this carefully: If you send a photo (not email copy, but an actual picture) of Carmax's current offer letter, then give us the opportunity to beat that offer, we either beat it, or we owe you $100 check, GUARANTEED.If we bid your car at 10 thousand, and you say I just sold it to Carmax for more, now where is my $100, then you just cost yourself $100. We pay you the $100 for the option to beat their offer. If we beat it, you get more money for your car. If we don't beat it, you get $100 check, WE WANT TO BUY YOUR CAR, and do not want to miss it over any amount of money that makes business sense for Premier Automotive. We are very transparent, and this $100 Carmax guarantee is just straightforward as it sounds. This $100 guarantee only stands for CARMAX actual offers. We are much simpler to transact with than our competitors. Our entire process is online, we will pick up at your location, and they simply do not. If you fail to grant us that option to beat the CarMax offer, then the advertised guarantee is null/void.
A: YES, Premier Automotive purchase offers are valid at many dealerships. Ask your Premier Automotive buyer to guide you through this process. Better yet, have your salesperson at the dealership you are buying from to arrange the In & Out with your Premier Automotive buyer.
A: OK, not to brag, but… Premier Automotive, processes over 1 billion in annual auto transactions, and the top buyers/sellers at multiple auto auctions around the country. vehicle, and you will get paid on the spot, end of story. For more validation, please read our BBB reviews.
A: Yes! Our checks are cashable at your nearest Bank of Capital One bank. Other buyers, like CarMax, issue you a “draft”—which resembles a check, but it is not cashable. These drafts are for deposit only and will not fund for several days. We don’t pay with float filled-funny money like our competitors do.
A: If you included the correct 17 digits VIN, multiple pictures and a description during normal business hours, expect 15-30 minutes. We will call you to verify your information about your vehicle and ask you additional questions we need answered to value your vehicle correctly.
A: We don’t, well kinda sorta! We need pictures of your vehicle with your Internet submission. We are asking for photos so we can accurately assess the value of your vehicle! Pictures aid our buyers in getting you top dollar for your vehicle.
A: YES, but we will typically be a buyer at 50% of the value of a non-salvaged vehicle. All Salvage titled vehicles at one point have been damaged over 50% of the vehicles value and this does impact the value of the vehicle dramatically.
A: Yes, but we typically don’t buy “junk” back of $1,000. We will buy cars which need reconditioning. However, you must disclose the reconditioning needed in both pictures and description. It can be very disappointing when our inspectors or transporters arrive at your location to make the exchange and discover that the vehicle does not match the description. Please remember to be upfront with the reconditioning expense.
A: Our transporter will inspect your vehicle, match description submitted, and exchange title for payment. You may also bring the vehicle to any of dealerships for quick inspection and payment or opt for curbside service at your home or office in most locations.
A: YES, our offers are negotiable on a case-by-case basis. Our buying team does our best to accurately assess the value with our first offer.
A: YES, call your leaseholder and get a current payoff while submitting your information to Premier Automotive Leasing companies sometimes have additional fees for early termination which would affect your equity position.
A: We call this being “upside down/ underwater.” The difference between our purchase offer and the amount owed is NEGATIVE EQUITY. This difference will have to be paid to us at the time of possession/pickup. We will make a payoff amount to your lending institution in the amount of the purchase offer and you will provide us with the check for the difference.
A. It can take a few days for your bank to process the payoff; this is why we quote a 10-day payoff from your finance institution. We fund your payoff immediately; we want the title as bad as you want the vehicle paid off. We can not sell your vehicle until we have the title.
A. Yes! Just contact one of our Premier Automotive associates to help walk you through the next steps.
A. That is okay. We can have them fill out all the paperwork and have them sign the check over to you.
A: Because it is simply not safe to carry that much cash at the dealership.
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